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February 19, 2021 2 min read

Hey Y'all, I'm Gina

I’m Gina, founder of munchrooms. Why did I start a snack company in 2020? Great question.

I have loved snacking my entire life, especially any kind of "junk" food. During a work trip to Asia, my snacking obsession led me to discover a variety of interesting plant-based snacks that were both delicious and healthy. When I got back home to the States, I was craving the kinds of snacks I had been enjoying on the road, and I couldn’t find anything like it. So I started working on my first recipe, a chewy and savory mushroom jerky that you could take anywhere.

My journey took me to Taiwan, a country known for exceptional plant-based foods and mushroom cultivation techniques. This is thanks to the largely Buddhist population, and the culinary techniques used there are ancient, yet extremely cutting edge. I took some time to travel the country, exploring the incredible variety of Taiwan’s delicious vegan food—and was lucky to meet with the family behind a small, multi-generational business that shares my passion for creating delicious snacks. We kicked off an incredible partnership to bring tasty, savory mushroom-based jerky with big flavors and real ingredients home with me.

The more I learned about mushrooms, the more fascinated I was by all of the different culinary and medicinal applications they have, as well as their nutritional benefits. Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for medicinal purposes, and are still used today to boost energy, immunity, and improve overall health around the world.

I love discovering new and delicious snacks and sharing them with the people I care about. MY favorite part is seeing their reactions to tasting their new favorite snack for the first time. With munchrooms, I am working to share that feeling with as many people as possible.

After taking over a decade to build up the courage to launch my own venture—and working for over a year on munchrooms—I’m excited to finally be able to share my passion for snacking with everyone. As an Asian American, I look forward to sharing flavors reminiscent of my childhood and my time abroad in Asia. As a 90% recovered junk-food addict, I’m grateful to have a company dedicated to making healthy plant-based living yummier. Even during these crazy times, munchrooms has given me the opportunity to connect with family, friends, and strangers who share my love of snacking. I’m hopeful for a future where we can continue to travel, discover, and share.  

Thank you for supporting this dream!


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