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Why Mushrooms?

We love mushrooms, (in case you couldn’t tell). There’s a lot to love.

We put together this quick guide to show you why munchrooms just might be the perfect plant-based snack.


Mushrooms 101:

Once known as “food of the gods” by early Romans, mushrooms have long been part of human civilization. Some experts say that the taste of mushrooms belongs to a fifth flavor - beyond sweet, sour, salty, and bitter - known as “umami”, from the Japanese word meaning delicious.

Various cultures have been using mushrooms for thousands of years for their powerful medicinal purposes. Only recently has modern science re-confirmed what our ancestors already knew, that mushrooms are a rich source of powerful medicines.

Mushrooms have been used to boost energy, immunity and improve overall health. With strong adaptogenic properties, mushrooms are anti-aging, gut health boosting, inflammation reducing, and immune system stimulating.

Magical healing powers?

Mushrooms are now being increasingly researched and used for their important health benefits with different varieties having different medicinal properties.

As a great source of protein and fiber, mushrooms also contain B vitamins and a powerful antioxidant called selenium, which helps to support the immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues. “They are excellent for immune system-supportive and antioxidant properties,” says Erica Steele, N.D., a functional medicine practitioner. “Many of them have potent antiviral and anti-tumor properties, while some support metabolic and inflammatory conditions such as hypertension and cholesterol.”

An easy way to help the earth?

In addition to being good for you, mushrooms are also good for the planet!

Growing one pound of mushrooms requires less than 2 gallons of water, versus the 2,000 gallons necessary to grow one pound of beef. Known as the “meat” of the vegetable world, it’s no surprise that some South American Amazon tribes have one word that refers to both meat and mushrooms; they consider mushrooms as equivalent to meat in nutritive value. Not only are mushrooms an essential part of the ecosystem, but they also provide a sustainable source of protein.



Why shiitake is so special:

 1. Increased Satiety

Shiitake mushrooms contain soluble dietary fiber, such as β-glucan, which produce satiety and reduce food intake. Studies also show that β-glucan can lower cholesterol. Thus, it is an ideal food to help curb cravings and support overall digestive health.


2. Antioxidants

Selenium is an antioxidant which can be found in shiitake mushrooms. Antioxidants help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals and fight oxidative stress. Selenium plays a critical role in keeping thyroid function and metabolism in a healthy balance.


3. Supports bone health

Certain mushrooms, including shiitake mushrooms, are the ONLY un-fortified plant-based foods that naturally contain high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to maintain and regulate healthy calcium levels in the body, which supports bone health. Hence, shiitake mushroom acts as a superb natural supplement. Many vegans find it an essential addition to their nutrition plan.

4. Immunity boosting

Shiitake mushroom also includes 7 of the 8 essential amino acids required for optimal health in humans. A lack of amino acids can impair immune function. These delicious mushrooms contain enough amino acids, vitamin D and selenium to keep your immune system strong, helping your body fight off inflammation and disease.



Why We ❤️ Mushroom Jerky 

Our handcrafted jerky has the subtle umami of mushrooms, the flavor of freshly ground spices, and a meaty, satisfying texture. Munchrooms are so rich and chewy, it easy to forget you’re munching on a meatless snack (seriously)!

Made from whole, non-GMO shiitake mushrooms, our mushroom jerky is packed with vital nutrients like selenium, potassium, vitamin B2& B3, vitamin D, and more. Mushrooms basically exist as the perfect vehicle for flavor, and after we marinate and season them using our classic 5-spice blend, freshly cracked black pepper and our spicy—yet mouthwatering—red chili, they achieve a new level of snacking perfection.

Using simple ingredients and a time-tested recipe, our plant-based jerky actually tastes incredible. Thanks to the naturally delicious texture of sliced and dried shiitake, it’s a snack that both carnivores and plant lovers alike can enjoy. With a satisfying chew and a healthy serving of fiber in each pack, munchrooms also keep you fuller for longer.